Let every trip be an adventure.

Let every trip be an adventure.

Good news: the fun police don’t really exist.

Turns out if you want to eat cereal for dinner, wear monogrammed onesies or drive a Suzuki Vitara, you can. You’re an adult, and no-one can stop you. So, buy a Suzuki Vitara. Because you want to and you can.

Take Destiny by the Comfortable, Responsive Wheel

Unfortunately, you can’t drive a massive pirate ship down a main road—or even a side street. Frankly, the handling would be terrible. Which is why we made the Vitara; a vehicle that makes you feel like you’re a captain at the helm of a mighty vessel, without compromising performance.

Venture forth with total confidence

The Vitara has been awarded the maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating, giving you peace of mind for all your adventures that lay ahead. Leading safety features include six SRS airbags, Electronic Stability Control and Suzuki’s very own TECT body design technology.

Like a woodman doing a plie.

Imagine a lumberjack doing ballet. That was the brief given to the designers of the Vitara. Its bold, elegant and rugged design wouldn’t be out of place on a gallery wall. And who built that gallery? Yep, equally elegant and rugged lumberjacks who also drive Vitaras.

Has science gone too far? No.

Robots will take over some day. But today, they’re just making stuff heaps easier. It’s how the Vitara’s suite of features and technology has been so excellently designed for your convenience. So, make the most of this subservience, push all the buttons and enjoy this pre-uprising time.

Vitara Model Variants

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1.Five star ANCAP rating not applicable to GL model

2. Advanced preventative safety features are available on GL Navigator with Safety Pack and GLX Turbo models only. 

3. AEB is designed to support the driver only in emergency situations. The driver remains responsible for the vehicle at all times.

4. The Lane departure warning and weaving alert only function when the vehicle is moving at speeds of approximately 60km/h or higher.

5. Vehicle-to-vehicle distance varies depending on vehicle speed.

6. ADR 81/02 results for automatic transmission. 7. ADR 81/02 results for manual transmission. NEDC Fuel Consumption figures may not mimic real-life driving conditions and should be considered for comparison against other vehicles only.