Flattery that can get you everywhere

Flattery that can get you everywhere

Let’s get to the point: you’re not here to be flattered. You’re here to hear about the S-Cross Turbo’s powerful engine, fuel-efficiency, generous space and cutting-edge technology.

Well, you clearly have exquisite taste if you’re considering the S-Cross.

Whoops, was that flattery? We’re sorry. It’s just true.

Space for all your incredible stuff

Much like the S-Cross, we’re going to assume that all your possessions are incredible. Which is why the S-Cross’s intelligent interior design gives you the space to comfortably bring all your amazing things with you—from your expertly selected shopping to your breathtakingly good-looking family.

An exceptional drive, for an exceptional person (you btw).

We were thinking of you when we designed the S-Cross’s powerful 1.4 litre Boosterjet Turbo engine.

“You deserve superior performance and impressive fuel-efficiency because there is nothing that’s too good for you. Not even the S-Cross Turbo.”

Reassurance on the road

In the S-Cross Turbo, exceptional performance is blended with advanced safety features – so no matter where your journeys take you, you’ll always feel protected.

More class than a schoolroom.

When it comes to features, the S-Cross has the right to be snooty. But it isn’t, obviously. That would be gauche. Kinda like the word gauche.

From the push button start to the advanced multimedia system, intuitive touchscreen and sophisticated connectivity, the S-Cross is the class leader, that’s a real class act.

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